Poodle Eye Care

Poodle Eye Care

Your poodle’s eyes should be checked daily. Because the eyes are fragile organs, neglect of minor irritations can lead to serious problems. Regular inspection of the eyes can help you notice potentially dangerous conditions at an early stage. Any irritation that does not clear up in 24 hours or causes your poodle to squint should be reported to your veterinarian immediately.

It is normal to find a little matter on the inside corners of the eyes from time to time. This can be removed by moistening a cotton ball with warm water and gently wiping at the eye corners. Be careful NOT to rub over the eyes with cotton; the fibers could scratch them.

The easiest way to flush out any foreign matter or loose hair is with a canine eye wash. An eyewash also help to clean the eyes and treat minor irritations. Raise your poodle’s head, gently open the lower lid and drop the fluid into the eye. Use a dry cotton ball to absorb the excess moisture from the eye corners.

Tear Stains

Daily attention to the eyes and the hair under them is the best way to control staining. White and light colored poodles, especially Toy Poodles, sometimes have stained hair under the eyes, which is caused by a discharge from the tear ducts. The discharge often makes the hair an unsightly reddish-brown and creates the effect of dark circles under the eyes. Excessive tearing can lead to skin irritation and infection.

The stained hair should be removed with clippers. After the hair has been trimmed, a daily program of cleansing the area with water or a Tear Stain Remover should help prevent further staining. Be cautious when using a product or home remedy for tear stains. These products should only be used on the stained hair and should not be used in the eyes.

Excessive tearing can be caused by many factors: heredity, allergy, improper diet, conjunctivitis, infection of the tear ducts, even from teething. Your veterinarian may be able to determine the cause and control it.